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Hydro Seeding is the path to a lush hassle-free lawn. Also known as Hydraulic Mulch Seeding, Hydro Seeding is the secret weapon for achieving a great looking lawn effortlessly.


Hydro Seeding involves spraying a potent mixture of water, seeds, fertiliser, and mulch onto the soil under high pressure. This unique combination provides numerous benefits for establishing a great looking lawn:

1. Weed Control and Seed Protection

The mulch layer created during Hydro Seeding serves as a natural shield, preventing weed growth while safeguarding the delicate seeds from harsh elements such as wind, rain, and adverse weather conditions.

2. Bird-Friendly

No more worrying about curious birds feasting on your freshly planted seeds. The mulch layer helps disguise the seeds, keeping them safe from prying beaks.

3. Water Retention

Hydro Seeding's mulch component is a water-retention superstar. It can hold up to 10 times its weight in water, significantly reducing the need for irrigation and ensuring your lawn stays hydrated and healthy.

4. Cost-Effective

Looking for an economical way to establish a lush domestic lawn? Hydro Seeding can save you up to 75% compared to sod or ready-lawn solutions alternatives, not to mention the reduced labour requirements.

5. Superior Results

Hydro Seeding doesn't just stop at cost-effectiveness; it produces superior results. The slurry application encourages deeper root growth, helping seeds establish faster and more securely than traditional hand-seeding methods.

6. Unparalleled Versatility

Whether it's a tricky-to-reach spot or a large area that needs coverage, Hydro Seeding can be applied quickly and efficiently via high-pressure spraying. Hydro seeding is used extensively in sub-divison and roading projects. It is also very effective for planting hillsides and steep slopes.

In summary, Hydro Seeding is the ultimate solution for achieving a stunning, low-maintenance lawn and K South are the Hydro Seeding experts.

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